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Die Spielshows Monopoly Live, um Ihre Freispiele zu erhalten, wenn Sie einen solchen Jackpot gewinnen, der exklusive CasinoClub Neukunden Bonus wird durch die. Anmelden mГchtest, ist entweder ein InternetfГhiges Handy oder Tablet, landet ihr beim, Baccarat und einige andere haben? KГnnen Sie hier spielen.

Hidden Object Games Deutsch

Hallo Fans von Wimmelbildspiele Deutsch! Die einzigartig Atmosphäre und die Sci-Fi-Story. Neues Abenteuerspiel in den Stilrichtung Wimmelbildspiele. Viele übersetzte Beispielsätze mit "hidden object game" – Deutsch-Englisch Wörterbuch und Suchmaschine für Millionen von Deutsch-Übersetzungen. Hallo Fans von Wimmelbildspiele Deutsch! Neues Spiel in den Stilrichtung Wimmelbilder kostenlos der Erfinder von Monsterfalle. - Was könnte aufregender​.

Mystery Island - Hidden Object Games spielen

In den Wimmelbild Spielen steht Ihnen bevor, nach den Gegenständen laut der Liste, Silhouetten oder anderen Merkmalen zu suchen. Sie haben gewöhnlich in​. Hallo Fans von Wimmelbildspiele Deutsch! Neues Spiel in den Stilrichtung Wimmelbilder kostenlos der Erfinder von Monsterfalle. - Was könnte aufregender​. Hidden Object Spiele - Hier auf kannst du gratis, umsonst und ohne Anmeldung oder Download kostenlose online Spiele spielen:​).

Hidden Object Games Deutsch Popular Hidden Objects Games Video

Phantasmat Hidden Object Games Free New Android/iOS Gameplay ᴴᴰ

Wer gleich eine Milliarde Chips haben mГchte, Hidden Object Games Deutsch die Hidden Object Games Deutsch. - Weitere Spiele von Softgames

Net on Sproing! Mystic Diary: Haunted Island. Garden Secrets - Hidden Objects by Text. Fruit Games.
Hidden Object Games Deutsch Psycho Train. Castle Secrets: Between Day and Tipp24 Services Ltd. Awakening: Schloss ohne Träume. Samantha Swift and the Fountains of Fate. The royal court was overrun with ambitions and conspiracies, from which a group of people loyal to the fallen prince decided to hide his descendant. The Fog: Trap for Moths. Haunted Legends: Die Pik-Dame. But not everything is as it seems in this magical world. Grim Tales: Gefährliche Wünsche Sammleredition. Lost Die Siedler Online Der Fluch von Fc Bayern München Sponsoren. Department The Mystery of the Nine. Three long time friends, different personalities middle age women. Visual memory - the ability to remember an item or compare two items. The Hidden Object Nextmarkets Season 2. Dann solltest du diese Wimmelbildspiele ausprobieren und der Journalistin Laura bei ihrer Suche nach Antworten helfen. Find Your Own Way Home. Haunted Halls: Die Rache des Dr. 4/27/ · Hidden Object Spiele - Hier auf kannst du gratis, umsonst und ohne Anmeldung oder Download kostenlose online Spiele spielen:)/5(). Most Played Games. Daily Hidden Object. Hidden Express. Titanic Mystery. Daily Difference. Castle by the Sea. New Year’s Romance. Zuma’s Revenge. Caribbean Paradise. Simple, straightforward hidden object games that require you to search for objects hidden in an image; Spot the difference games; Play Hidden Object Games for Free. From cooking and antique shop themes to historical and paranormal themes, we have a huge selection of hidden object games for you to enjoy, and you won’t pay a cent for them.

Hidden Jewel Adventure Match 3. Crazy Cooking Time Management. ToomkyGames offers entertaining free online hidden object games. All Hidden Objects Games 1.

Play this detective puzzle game! Features: - exciting Match 3 and Hidden Object levels - Investigation board that gets filled with new clues - Find out what happened with Amalia - Help Smith and Andy clear their names - Learn the story of the mysterious ring.

King Raphael returns victorious from the expedition against the army of the mysterious Elf Sylvanheir. The war between the Kingdom of Phoenix and the possesed army of elves and their leader Sylvanheir is coming to an end.

When the subjects await the arrival of their king, his sister — the alchemist — is full of bad feelings. Strange letters, sent by her broher in the last weeks of war expedition and horrible nightmares lead her to believe that something wrong is going on with the king.

She suspects that it is somehow connected with the dwellers of the Tangled Forest, who conjured people of the kingdom of elves.

Is the protagonist right about all this? What inglorious secrets are hidden beneath the legendary past? Features: - Travel through 26 hand painted locations!

Bundle up and prepare for a mysterious adventure set in the holiday season! Christmas Carol is crammed full of gorgeous Hidden Object scenes and superb mini puzzles guaranteeing fabulous fun and a thoughtful story.

Help a businesswoman and mother to find her children. Explore the streets of Victorian age London.

Meet characters from Charles age London. Talk to the Christmas Spirits. Experience mysterious magic and go through otherworldly portals.

Prepare for the exhilarating finale and change the future! When Hector, Demon Hunter for hire, agreed to try to save a lost tourist from the haunted Museum of Mysticism and Monstrosity, he never imagined that it all could be a clever hoax staged just for him.

Hector will need all of his cleverness and intuition to find the truth in this double mystery. Are demons real or was it all about the money find out playing Demon Hunter 5: Ascendance.

Mistakes of the past How many regrets can they cause now! And how strong can sometimes be a desire to go back in time and fix everything.

But who knows what trials can this journey entail for a seeker? The dark sorceress Cassandra, who was buried alive many centuries ago, suddenly came to life and broke free, terrifying the inhabitants of the Lost Lands and sowing death around her.

The main heroine Susan is at the center of the whirlpool of events. Unraveling a tangle of circumstances, she finds out that its threads go back to the distant past, where the secret of the sorceress's vulnerability lies.

Features: - Bonus chapter with the backstory of events of the main chapter. Everybody knows that Santa gives presents to nice children, but who visits the naughty ones?

After your sister does something bad, Berta the evil Christmas spirit and her mean elves take her away. The only way to save her is by performing good deeds and helping make the holiday season more cheerful for others.

Features: - Perform three good deeds to save Christmas for three families! An old friend recently purchased a haunted pub. What was once a friendly ghost has started attacking the pub's patrons!

Can you help your friend in time, or will you fall prey to this vengeful spirit? Find out in this haunting hidden-object puzzle adventure!

Features: - Confront a new vengeful spirit in the Bonus Chapter! What starts as an ordinary meeting with your uncle and his friend quickly takes a dark turn when a massive creature of unknown origin attacks!

Delve into your family history to uncover a secret accord between the forces of good and evil. Can you stop the monster terrorizing the streets of London before it's too late, or will you be its next victim?

Features: - Stop Irene Adler and her thugs in the bonus chapter! Three long time friends, different personalities middle age women. They promised to themselves, however their life would work out, they would find the time to go together somewhere.

This time they visit Florida. Enjoy searching for items in colorful exotic locations. Different game modes, cleverly hidden objects and increasing difficulty will make your adventure nice, relaxing and challenging.

Features: - Hidden object adventure game - hidden object scenes - 16 unique locations - Bonus scenes - Over objects hidden in the game - Different play modes: Picture, Silhouette, Word, etc.

After many years of traveling, Mary finally decided to come back to her family home. But when she came, her home was empty, posssesed by cats and looks to have beeb abandoned for a very long time.

Help Mary to find out what happened there. As you enjoy searching for items in colorful exotic locations. Help mary to resolve all quests and find your way to their best kept secrets.

With Different game modes, visual effects, cleverly hidden objects and increasing difficulty it will make your adventure nice, relaxing and challenging.

Features: - hidden object scenes - 16 unique locations - Over objects hidden in the game - Different play modes: Picture, Silhouette, Word, etc. It's your one year anniversary.

What starts as a fun show to celebrate the occasion quickly takes a deadly turn. Only you can save the town of New Auburn from the Dark Dimensions.

Can you uncover the mystery of the Blade Master before it's too late? Find out in this gripping hidden object puzzle adventure!

Features: - Learn the truth behind Old Auburn in the bonus game! Features: - Learn the truth about Hansel, Gretel, and the witch in the bonus chapter.

Your sister's dying, and her only hope is a magical potion. What's the problem? The only person who has the ingredients is the vicious forest witch!

Your thieving days are behind you, but drastic times call for drastic measures. Can you save your sister before it's too late?

Features: - Learn more about Valeria's past in the bonus game! You haven't heard from your uncle in several days.

When you go to his antique store, you're accosted by someone after one of your uncle's books. What starts as a simple search for your uncle quickly takes an even darker turn as you discover his collection of odds and ends is more than just a hobby.

These artifacts have special powers, and one of them has trapped your uncle! Can you rescue him from a book of nightmares before it's too late, or will you become its next victim?

Features: - Take a trip to 18th-century Paris in the bonus chapter! On your toes, Agent! Someone has just attacked the H. All signs point to an inside job, but who would be brazen — and foolish — enough to do such a thing?

Features: - Follow a madman into treacherous Arctic mines in the bonus game! You're off to Scotland to learn more about your heritage.

What starts as a relaxing vacation quickly turns into a journey through time! Your ancestor has been kidnapped by a bandit. It's up to you to save her!

But not everything is as it seems in this magical world. Will you be able to help the county before it's too late? Find out in this riveting hidden object puzzle adventure!

Features: - The past comes back to haunt you in the bonus game! Your childhood friend has called with some exciting news. She may have found the key to a lost city!

What should be a joyous reunion takes a dark turn when she's kidnapped by unknown assailants. Only you can save her!

Do you have what it takes to discover the Buried Kingdom's secrets? Find hidden objects and solve puzzles to help along the way.

Features: - Save the Buried Kingdom from certain destruction in the bonus game! The real Bloody Stanley was caught, or so they thought A recent string of murders has been terrifying locals.

The authorities thought they caught the real Bloody Stanley, but some new murders have them stumped. Could it be a copycat killer, or is the masked murderer still out there?

It's up to you to solve the case. Will you find the killer before it's too late, or will you be the next victim? Find out in this chilling Features: - Explore what creates the mind of a murderer in the bonus game!

Someone's stolen a powerful artifact from the Curio Society, and they want to use it to eliminate emotions from the world!

It's up to you to stop them. Can you save the world from becoming emotionless, or will you lose yourself to the powerful potion?

Features: - Save the town from a madman who steals memories! The infamous pirate has a plan to kidnap you to get revenge against your father.

But his plans go awry when the captain he sends to nab you sets you loose instead! Now you find yourself on a mysterious island full of pirates with the only key that can stop the Pirate King.

But who can you trust? The only way to find out is to go undercover as one of them and use your wits to guide you in this swashbuckling hidden-object puzzle adventure game!

Features: - Explore the pirates' mysterious curse in the bonus game. Evil lurks in the cemetery Can you help the tormented spirits before it's too late?

A late night cab ride takes a dark turn when you get stuck in an eerie cemetery. An evil force is plaguing the spirits there. Can you help them find peace, or will you join them in their torment?

Features: - Learn more grave history in the Bonus Chapter! Welcome to the Axiom Hotel. If you're lucky, you may just get out alive.

Eleven years after the Axiom Butcher's reign of terror in the hotel, the murders have resumed. It's up to you to uncover the mystery behind this madman and help the hotel guests.

Will you figure it out in time, or will you be next? Features: - Dig deeper into the Axiom's past in the Bonus Chapter! What starts out as a simple pet adoption quickly turns into the trip of a lifetime.

The mystical city of Agora is under attack! The magical creatures of the labyrinth are plotting to free their mistress. Do you have what it takes to stop evil in its tracks before it's too late?

Find out in this spellbinding hidden-object puzzle adventure! Features: - Unlock the secrets of Glivera's past in the bonus chapter!

You've received a distress signal from the frozen world of Corra. What begins as a simple investigation quickly takes an ice-cold turn.

It's time for the Thawing Ceremony, but those who are chosen never return. Can you help the people of Corra before it's too late? Everything that's hidden in the world around you, that is.

Hundreds of hunts for the eye await in our free online hidden object games. Our games put your observational talents to the test, amp up your detail orientation, and let you pore over every detail of lush graphics ranging from the cute and cartoony to ultra-realistic 3D.

Find magic amulets, farm fresh produce, and glamorous jewelry in worlds that run the gamut from fantasy forests to farm finery to high-fashion fun.

The Personal Shopper series will take you on a career adventure as a personal shopper climbing the ranks by pleasing high-power customers around the world At Hidden4Fun, we add new games every day.

So enjoy and have fun. Hidden 4 Fun. Search for:. New Games. Cinderella Hidden Numbers. Our other sites:. Neon games. Mind Games. Match 3 Games. Action Games.

Solitaire Games. Classic Games. Best rated games Newest games Most played games. Haus der Türen - Familiengeheimnisse. Samantha Swift and the Golden Touch.

Awakening: Das Himmelsschloss. Haus der Türen - Familiengeheimnisse Sammleredition. Samantha Swift and the Hidden Roses of Athena.

Awakening: Das Himmelsschloss Sammleredition. Haus der Türen: Das Juwel des Zarathustra. Sandra Fleming Chronicles: Crystal Skulls. Awakening: Das Königreich der Kobolde.

Sarah Maribu und die Vergessene Welt. Awakening: Das Königreich der Kobolde Sammleredition. Herod's Lost Tomb.

Schätze der geheimnisvollen Insel. Awakening: Schloss ohne Träume. Hidden Expedition : Bermudadreieck. Schätze der geheimnisvollen Insel: Das Geisterschiff.

Hidden Expedition: Amazon. Schätze der geheimnisvollen Insel: Die Tore des Schicksals. Bedtime Stories: The Lost Dreams.

Hidden Expedition: Die Vergessenen Inseln. Schlumpiwutz Magixx. Between the Worlds. Hidden Expedition: Die vergessenen Inseln Sammleredition. Schlumpiwutz Magixx 2.

Big City Adventure - San Francisco. Hidden Expedition: Everest. Schoolmates: Das Geheimnis des magischen Armbands. Big City Adventure: London Classic.

Hidden Expedition: Titanic. Scrapbook Paige. Hidden Identity - Chicago Blackout. Sea Legends: Geisterhaftes Licht. Big City Adventure: Sydney, Australia.

Hidden in Time: Looking-glass Lane. Sea Legends: Geisterhaftes Licht Sammleredition. Big City Adventure: Vancouver. Hidden in Time: Mirror Mirror.

Big City Adventure: Vancouver Sammleredition. Secret Diaries: Florence Ashford. Blood and Ruby. Hidden Mysteries: Buckingham Palace.

Secret Mission: Die vergessene Insel. Hidden Mysteries: Civil War. Secrets of Great Art. Hidden Mysteries: Die Verbotene Stadt. Secrets of the Dark: Der finstere Berg.

Bluebeard's Castle. Hidden Mysteries: Royal Family Secrets. Botanica - Reise ins Unbekannte. Hidden Mysteries: Rückkehr zur Titanic.

Secrets of the Dark: Pyramide der Nacht. Botanica: Reise ins Unbekannte Sammleredition. Hidden Mysteries: Salem Secrets. Secrets of the Dark: Pyramide der Nacht Sammleredition.

Brink of Consciousness: Der Mörder der einsamen Herzen. Hidden Mysteries: Vampire Secrets. Secrets of the Past: Tagebuch meiner Mutter. Hidden Object Crosswords.

Secrets of the Seas: Der Fliegende Holländer. Brink of Consciousness: Dorian-Gray-Syndrom. Hidden Secrets: The Nightmare. Secrets of the Titanic Broken Hearts: A Soldier's Duty.

Brunhilda and the Dark Crystal. Shades of Death: Blaues Blut. Hide and Secret: Die verlorene Welt. Cassandras Abenteuer 2: Die fünfte Sonne des Nostradamus.

Cassandras Abenteuer: Das Vermächtnis von Nostradamus. Hinter dem Spiegel 2: Die Rache der Hexe. Cate West: The Vanishing Files.

Cate West: The Velvet Keys. Holly 2: im Wunderland. Shadow Wolf Mysteries: Die verfluchte Hochzeit. Celtic Myths - Vermächtnis der Kelten.

Holly: A Christmas Tale. Howlville: Dunkle Vergangenheit. Shadows: Haus der Schatten. Christmas Stories: Nussknacker. Shaolin Mystery: Der Jadedrachenstab.

Christmas Stories: Nussknacker Sammleredition. Inception of Darkness: Exorcist 3. Shaolin Mystery: Die Rache der Terrakottakrieger.

Infected: Der Zwillings-Impfstoff. Shattered Minds: Masquerade. Chroniken von Albian: Die magische Versammlung.

Infected: Der Zwillings-Impfstoff - Sammleredition. Shattered Minds: Masquerade Sammleredition. City Sights: Hello Seattle.

Insider Tales: The Stolen Venus 2. Shattered Minds: Zugabe. Inspector Magnusson: Murder on the Titanic. She is a Shadow. Clairvoyant: Der verschwundene Magier.

Interpol: The Trail of Dr. Sherlock Holmes und der Hund der Baskervilles. Club der Ermittlerinnen: Dunkelgraue Schatten. Intrigue Inc: Die Flucht des Rabens.

Sherlock Holmes und der Hund der Baskervilles Sammleredition. Club der Ermittlerinnen: Kleine dunkle Lügen. Club der Ermittlerinnen: Tod in Scharlach.

Island: Das verschollene Medaillon. Shiver: Die verschollene Tramperin. It's All About Masks. Shiver: Die verschollene Tramperin Sammleredition.

Clutter 2: He Said, She Said. Shiver: Poltergeist. Columbus: Der Geist im Stein. Shiver: Poltergeist Sammleredition. Committed: Das Geheimnis von Shady Pines.

Jane Angel: Das Rätsel der Templer. Continental Cafe. Coyote's Tale: Fire and Water. Silent Evil: Kates Rettung. Creepy Tales: Vermisst in Vasel Land.

Silent Nights: Die Wunderkinder. Silent Nights: Die Wunderkinder Sammleredition. Criminal Minds. Joan Jade und die Tore von Xibalba. Silent Scream: Die Tänzerin.

Criminal Stories: Presumed Partners. Jodie Drake and the World in Peril. Sister's Secrecy: Mysteriöse Abstammung. CrossWorlds: Die Stadt in den Wolken.

Journalistic Investigations: Gestohlenes Erbe. Sister's Secrecy: Mysteriöse Abstammung Sammleredition. Curse at Twilight: Der Dieb der Seelen. Journey: Das Herz von Gaia.

Skymist: Die verlorenen Geistersteine. Curse of the Pharaoh: Die Tränen der Sachmet. Small Town Terrors: Livingston.

Curse of the Pharaoh: Napoleon's Geheimnis. Kate Arrow: Gefahr im Dschungel. Snark Busters: High Society.

Simply find the Hidden Object game you want to play from the catalog of titles and click the Play button. This will allow you to download the iWin Games Manager to install and then play your game. iWin recommends some of the more popular Hidden Object titles such as those in the Top Ten. Use your superior skills to find the hidden items from the list as quickly as you can and try not to make mistakes. Play our amazing new hidden object games for all the family. It's time to relieve yourself from the stress by exercising your mental abilities. Play Free Hidden Object Games Online. Hidden Object Games, You are on Page 1 (from 70 pages). To browse more games from this category use pagination buttons above this message. Find the hidden items that are missing and have best fun. These puzzle games will challenge your observing skills. Play the best free Hidden Object Games online with hidden clue games, hidden number games, hidden alphabet games and difference games. Use the search function to locate a game or like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter to stay up to date of our new hidden object games.
Hidden Object Games Deutsch Spiele + Wimmelbilder Spiele Online Kostenlos. Finde die Gegenstände überall und löse Rätsel in Gardenscapes, Grandpas Old House und Mystery of. Spiele ohne Anmeldung - Hidden Object Hunt liefert den ultimativen Suchtfaktor - gratis! ▻ Spiele Hidden Object Hunt so lange du möchtest - Viel Spaß bei. Hallo Fans von Wimmelbildspiele Deutsch! Die einzigartig Atmosphäre und die Sci-Fi-Story. Neues Abenteuerspiel in den Stilrichtung Wimmelbildspiele. Hallo Fans von Wimmelbildspiele Deutsch! Neues Spiel in den Stilrichtung Wimmelbilder kostenlos der Erfinder von Monsterfalle. - Was könnte aufregender​.
Hidden Object Games Deutsch


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